Saturday, May 20, 2017

Bibliography of the 8 Rays

 Here is the total listing of all 9 writings from Mar Rosquites concerning his dream experiments from 2009 to 2016.  Most are hidden / will be revealed in their own time.

   Grim purpose, profound substance and the promise of hope

Book 1: The Face Of Spirits And The Destiny Of Matter
   Of spiritual wisdom, and the practical methods of its attainment;  as transcribed from the dreaming word of Ramasola IV

Book 2: The Path Of Thorns
   An overview of Christianity, Gnosticism and the Church of the East

Book 3: Visions From The Mountain Of God
    Of dream-state travels through the gates of Heaven and beyond; under the dreaming guidance of Rajah Huwatik

Book 4: The Light Of The Golden Sun
   The Philippines, the Kalachakra

Book 5: Journeys Of Exile, Tokens Of Sanctuary
   Allegories and parables

Book 6: The Dreaming Earth
   The search for truth; a survey of spiritual insights from world religions and native cultures

Book 7: The City Of The Sleeping Gods
   Another dream journal into the center of the spiritual Earth's well of gravity

Book 8: Beyond Time, The Shores Of The Pleroma
   Putting it all back together; from the shattered fragments of religion to the unified code

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