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Lost Fragments from the Book: Visions From The Mountain Of God

Visions From
Mountain Of God

Of dream-state travels through the gates of Heaven and beyond;
under the dreaming guidance of Rajah Huwatik

The waking mind does not know the wisdom
which the sleeping self is capable of.


  I have seen the halls of the lower Heavens in a multitude of forms and have entered the gates therein; and through them, have marvelled at the intricacies of its hallways and innumerable levels; have been in awe at the bustle of its citizens and the clamor of the wheeled cogs of spiritual governance in action – for this is what the lower Heavens are like; a bureacracy of unrivaled complexity.  I would not have recognized where I was and most likely would have been lost, were it not for my guide – Rajah Huwatik, the secret one; without whom, no words or memories of that place would ever surface to inform my waking self of these treasures of spiritual vision.  While I am in a state of glory when taken up in the visions of spirit, I am still anchored to a material body whose waking state is anathema to spirituality.  However, I can still contemplate spiritual things, while in the ego, through the written word that I have set down for myself; and in this way, whether in dreaming prayers or in the waking world, I may immerse myself constantly in all things spiritual.  The written word may also hold value to others, who have yet to experience the power of spiritual travel through dreaming prayers, as a promise of the wonder and majesty that await those who are diligent in the discipline of walking upon the solitary path of the mystic.  These are the condensed observations which made an impression on me throughout my dream-state travels through the spiritual universe.

   - Mar Rosquites, scribe and witness of the Mountain Of God, 2013

Characteristics Of Spirit

1 In the spiritual universe, beings do not have an assigned bodily form, instead they can fashion a temporary form out of energy-like aether that exists there.

2 Spirit beings have no need for greed, because anything they wish can be formed by thought.

3 They have no hunger or gluttony, for there is no material body to feed.

4 They have no deception or boasting, for every spirit can see through the motive and thoughts of one other.

5 They have no pride or jealousy, for every spirit has exactly the same access to beauty and power, and no being owns anything exclusively.

6 Because I myself am still a spirit trapped within a human body and thus, still tied to the restrictions of the human mind and its memories, I will comprehend the visions I see with the false characteristics of the material world.

7 This means that my writings will cast human values and understanding on the actions and stories of spiritual beings and events which skew them; much like the refraction of water upon fish and their true location.

8 So, I understand that while I may view a spirit as being angry, or jealous, or mischievous, I know that these are terms that are colored by my human mind and that these descriptions are purely a representation that is limited by the human condition and that the truth of the spiritual object is more complex.

Rajah Huwatik On Ascendance

1 This is what Rajah Huwatik spoke to me before we passed  the south-eastern gate of Heaven, which is called the Gate of Eternal Foundation:

2 There are two gods: the god of the material universe and the god of the spiritual universe.

3 The god of matter created the material universe, light, substance, and all fleshly beings in it.

4 To the flesh beings, he placed souls, which animate matter to have the appearance of life.

5 The soul of life is recycled within the total life system of the constructed universe.

6 Spirits are not souls, gods and beings that originate from the spiritual universe are spirit.

7 Souls cannot become spirit or ascend to the spiritual universe.

8 There are humans who only have the appearance of the body, but have a spirit within them.

9 These avatars are the ones who came from spirit and may return to spirit when their time to do so has been fulfilled.

10 Those of spiritual origin cannot be understood by those of soul origin.

11 Since beings of soul origin cannot ascend, explaining spiritual matters to them are unnecessary.

12 Therefore, humans of spirit, who have recently come to understand their nature should resist the urge to preach, instead they should concentrate on the more important goal of ascendance.

13 Ascending to the spiritual universe is the only escape from the material world.

The Luminous Stone, The Grail Of Stars And The Purest Of Gold

1 With Stone and Star, and Purest Gold, I pledge to uphold the vow bequeathed to me from unbroken lines of blood from the most ancient of days.  I have learned from the dreamed lore from my greatest of teachers, the one who spoke without words, an eternity in a single moment.  To the Lady of Roses,  I pledge to pass on what I have learned to another before I pass through the veil of the Door of Everlasting Life.

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