Saturday, May 20, 2017

Overview of The 3 Covers, The 3 Guides

 Rajah Huwatik is another being whose guidance is invaluable; he is my principle guide for journeys that take me to the upper heavens of the spiritual realm.  Whereas Ramasola is content to share wisdom openly in discourse, Huwatik would rather lead me to various locations with little explanation; leaving me to piece together the fragments of these episodic journeys.  He seems to be of the opinion that nothing should ever be spoken in plain language and thus, my journeys with him have a deeper significance that require contemplation as to their significance.  Rajah is his title, which is a ruler or king, but his sensibilities and manner are more primal and shamanistic; he seems content to wear scraps of cloth, leaves, and leather.

  Khora is the strangest and most disconcerting of my dream guides.  She stands perhaps twice my height, has four black feathered wings and pure jet black skin; her clothing consists of metallic straps that have glowing circuitry in the form of some unknown script.  Her face is elongated like a wolf and when she speaks, it is not in any discernable human language.  She seems to be blind and is constantly sniffing, as if she is using her sense of smell to gather information about her surroundings.  Though she has never attacked me, and I never feel threatened by her, I could imagine that any other man would be filled with fear and dread at the sight of her.  She is my guide to exploring the lower heavens, which are the foundations behind the material universe.  The lower heavens are the brighter side of our universe; or rather the universe of matter is the shadow of the lower heavens.  Khora has the ability to find and create tunnels in the gravity wells, and this allows us to enter the spiritual spine at the center of material objects – from normal everyday objects like trees and rocks, to massive structures like the center of planets and stars; places no human in bodily form could go much less survive.

There is another who I do not call a guide, but a once living priestess.  She is the the Lady of Roses, the one who showed me her power to stop time in a single moment before her earthly death.  Her teaching was not transmitted through words, but through an eternity of thought while staring into her eyes.  She does not come to me in the dreaming prayer state, but through the deep abyss of sleep.  And while it is not advisable to put much credence to anything that comes from the madness of the chaotic source of deep sleep, the Lady of Roses exudes the most profound and reassuring of dreams to me.

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