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The Face Of Spirits And The Destiny Of Matter

The Face Of Spirits
The Destiny Of Matter

Of spiritual wisdom and the practical methods of its attainment;
As transcribed from the dreaming word of Ramasola

Possibility begins with an idea,
just as actions begin with a thought.


  God is just a word.  A word which I am applying to a "thing" that I have experienced.  I have discovered a way to exist temporarily outside of ego - a way of thinking that is parallel to the subconscious.  In this dream-state of being neither awake nor asleep, I found many things, places, and beings, and at the summit of which... was God.  In truth, this "thing" deserves to remain unlabelled by something as arbitrary and limiting as a name.  It is not a creature as I know a living creature to be, but is more like a primal force - an ocean of pulsating luminescent energy.  It does not speak and is unresponsive; and yet, I get the distinct feeling that it is staring back at me with something akin to human interest.  What its intentions are towards me, I do not know.  The one thing I do know is that this being inspires me.  To my astonishment, not only could I find it in the dreaming state, but as I progressed in my abilities to journey in the spirit, I began to sense its presence in the waking state as well.  In the dream-state, I am not always in the presence of the living ocean aspect of God; but, I am never alone, other beings in a multitude of forms, accompany me in the narrative of the spirit journey.  I do not know if they are beings who dwell independently in the spirit realm, are sent by God, or are facets of God himself. 

  I had previously kept my visions and suspicions to myself; but in time, the fears and sense of duty towards traditions and organizations, all these pre-conceived notions seemed to fade.  What has remained is a distilled and integral spirituality.  In the process, many religious beliefs have not survived intact but have been clarified or replaced altogether with spiritual insight.  Religious and contemporary connotations to the word enlightenment, comes with it grandiose and murky definitions; but what word better describes this non-corporeal spiritual vision that is not part of the waking ego-centric state of mind we as humans usually exist in.  In normal dreams, our dream-self interacts with beings in those dreams, but when we awake, we find that those beings were no more real than images, yet how real they seemed to be while in the deep abyss of sleep.  In the same way, whenever I enter the meditative dream-state, I find that the beings in the waking life are just as vaporous as the landscape and scenery of the sleeping dream.  In this higher state of "awake-ness", humanity becomes the fantasy and the world of God becomes the reality.  In the past, enlightened men have tried to pass the gift of wisdom to the masses of humanity: the means to escape the universe of matter and the ability to enter the universe of spirit.  But materialistic men have monopolized on the interpretations of these writings or crafted their own through the tyranny of religious castes, councils, and priesthoods.  Despite these corruptions, the spiritual realm still broadcasts its message of hope to all those with the ability and desire to hear it.  New texts of spiritual experience should always surface regularly to help stem the tide of unchecked ignorance and the domination of literalist religions.

  Reading between the lines of the multitiude of spiritual texts, we find a fossil record of enlightened human beings in the past.  It is in the writers of the texts, or the sources thereof, that my hope remains.  While I exist in the present, others like me have existed in the past; and others will come to exist in the future.  The distances of time, language and custom may be vast, yet I have glimpsed a secret fraternity of my kindred, scattered across histories known and unknown.  The symbols of our common heritage can be detected in the language we use to describe our experiences; the meaning behind the inadequate medium of words.  This archeology of spirit binds us, for we have all undergone a similiar journey towards the indescribable; and though the individual lives are uniquely different, still, the same conclusions and observations can be gleamed from one spiritual writer to another.  Upon re-reading these ancient texts in the new light of mind which I found myself in, I had come to understand that only enlightened men can understand the writings of other enlightened men.  To those not privy to the experience, just as I was before my own enlightenment, these texts would be misunderstood completely.  Since a man can only be sure of himself, whether he is spiritual or not, I am ready to treat all men as if they were potentially so, but I do not expect them all to be.  I am prepared for the grim probability that enlightened humans are an extremely rare occurence. 

  It was several months after learning how to enter the dreaming prayer that I first realized that a certain "dream being" was a recurring guest in my spirit visions.  I say first realized, because I had met him countless times before, though I did so without guessing his true nature and would promptly forget each meeting with him like a fleeting night's dream.  By force of will, I had been slowly training my dream-memory to remember my spirit journeys after waking to the material world.  Little did I know, this also triggered an important dreaming skill - a higher awareness while in the dream-state; instead of just letting the dream run its course as a viewer, I could now retain past memories and participate more effectively in the dream process.  This "dream being" sensed my new found awareness and had been waiting for this to occur; and there in the dream-time world he introduced himself as Ramasola - my primary spiritual guide and guardian elemental.  This writing is a collection of his sayings which have helped me to attain dream-time on a consistent basis.  The process of writing was intensely fast; upon recovering to the waking world from the dreaming state, I would rush to pen and paper and jot down all I could remember with the memory of the experience fading with each passing moment.  It is important to note that what is written here in no way approximates the actuality, for Ramasola communicates not only in words, but in pure experience and vision.  In time, I was able to distill Ramasola's ideas into eight sentences which would help the process of translating the essence of the experience to the waking world.  Otherwise, when not listening to his dissertations, we are both silently observing the strange substance of energy forms that manifest in the atmosphere of the dream-space.  These forms are the substance of the tendrils of God that are seeping through every part of the spiritual fabric of the dream universe; and are not only outside of myself but are also within.

  All these experiences have led me to what I believe is God; who is now in me, continually, everywhere, even in the waking ego.  God is filling my entire being, in a spiritual sense, expanding me.  While I do not know if he is communicating to me as I understand communication, I do know that he is doing something to me.  If I concentrate on the very cusp of the present moment, I can sense the eyes behind my eyes; and it is his eyes.  If before I felt like a curious traveller in the realm of God, he also is the curious traveller in the waking world through the senses of my body.  God is now the only other being I can truly know, because he is the only other being that is within me and knowable.  Each moment, God and I are existing in countless aeons of time, so vast as to make time itself irrelevant.  That the story of the waking life continues, is caused by the continuance of this material body which serves a purpose to me and to God, for the time being.  My true self knows that I am free and distinct from the physical body and that once the finality of the shift of true freedom occurs - that even if this waking life and all the beings in it should disappear like a mist, my road, my path with God will lead elsewhere; I can only guess where God and I will go next.  God and his helpers are with me.  I am watching this vast great spiritual ocean, listening to the sound of its movement, and hearing the echoes that my voice makes when I speak to it.  And I know, that it is not only listening... but waiting, as am I. 

  For those of you who are destined to ascend above, I say "May our meeting come swiftly and be every bit as joyous as it is imminent and certain."

   - Mar Rosquites, scribe and witness of the 8 Rays, 2012

The Praxis Of Action

1 These are the words of Ramasola which were brought back to the waking world of humanity from the realm of pure spiritual thought. 

2 They are only impressions of the original thought and not the actual thought itself; yet they shine with a similiar light, for their content emanates spiritual wisdom. 

3 Upon first hearing his discourses, I marvelled and desired to preserve their substance; but spiritual discourse is of a substance greater than the spoken word, for spiritual thought is transmitted by experience and not all through the medium of words. 

4 Despite this, I had purposed that I would do so, and when I next encountered him, I asked for his blessing to allow me to record the essence of his words in the waking world. 

5 He replied, "Mind your heart, for without purity of motive there is no peace." 

6 I had purposed that these writings would be for my own understanding, but when I next encountered him I asked if I could show these writings to other men. 

7 He replied, "Let no man proceed that does not understand the praxis of action."

8 These are the thoughts from the depth of spiritual gravity that Ramasola had spoken to me in the dream-state and have been written down for those who seek to replicate its process.

The River Of Thought

1 If the mind is an ever-flowing river of thought, then the indivisible soul is the snow capped mountain from whence pure spirit's movement is transmuted to feed thoughts into an eternal vortex of mind. 

2 Just as ice is transformed into water at the source of the river, this is like how the actions of spirit are likewise transformed from one spiritual state to another and are released as the torrent of human thinking. 

3 To focus on this switch from solid to liquid, from crystal to water, as an unlimited and unending source of the byproduct of spirit, this is the prevue and intent of the man who is engaged in the realm of true spirituality and mysticism. 

4 This is the first step into the spiritual arts. 

5 Anyone wanting to follow this path of inquiry need only cultivate an introspective nature and the desire to see it through to completion. 

6 While it may seem apparent, it bears repeating to define that: your self is your soul, and you are your self. 

7 Since the spiritual art requires extensive time to meditate and reflect upon itself, a man must be comfortable alone for long periods and must by necessity find himself secluded without human contact and interference. 

8 Thus, spiritual seeking requires discipline.

The Spiritual Dream-State And Prayer

1 The act of turning the ego, the worldly self upon itself cannot be truly described by words; it must simply be experienced rather than conveyed by instruction. 

2 The success of this is determined by channelling the mind unto itself; using thought to discover the source of thought and thus, short circuiting the ego and freeing the spirit temporarily from its body; allowing the mind to enter the dream-state. 

3 The feedback of this fractal mind lulls the ego into inaction and by such means allows the true self to surface; the inner man is free, for a time, to experience pure thought with a subjugated ego. 

4 This state of experience is the true prayer and allows one to hear and be heard in the spiritual dimensions. 

5 The common religious ideas of prayer are very different from this; they involve words instead of thoughts; they ask and give thanks for material things instead of spiritual things; they wish for future spiritual events instead of experiencing spiritual events now; they dwell on the emotions of this temporary material condition and not upon the truth of eternal spiritual experience. 

6 This means that true prayer and thus, enlightenment cannot be conveyed to those whom the fullness of spirit has denied its gift of spirituality. 

7 When the spiritually minded man prays, he must seek to amplify the energy of spirit within himself - completing the circuit of mind with spirit; this is like the embodiment of energy moving towards a physical state, and of the earthly towards its heavenly state. 

8 Where no thoughts occur that stem from ego, there peace dwells in as full a capacity as possible for a man living in the material universe.

The Face Of Spirits

1 In the realm of dreams, disparate elements can become part of one unified experience, wherein the self perceives a different but in some ways truer existence, rather than the waking interpretation of self. 

2 When the dreaming state is examined on a spiritual level, one finds that it does not question the intent of existing, because the dreamer is himself that intent. 

3 On closer examination, in dreams, some beings you encounter have a fluid existence, changing identities without your dreaming self objecting to it, instead accepting that this is normal for dream beings. 

4 These are spirit beings which are represented to us as ideas rather than physical qualities, taking the shape of whatever form is necessary to guide us through the narrative of the dream's message. 

5 Time itself is also interchangable, as events of different timelines in the waking life can intertwine in the dream life, again without disrupting the continuity of your dream-self's viewpoint. 

6 Because of this, the spiritual man who seeks to solve the mysteries of existence, must be able to comprehend the laws and subtleties of the dreaming state. 

7 Dreaming is as true a state of spiritual self, and perhaps more so, than the waking self. 

8 Mastery of all states of awareness allows one to begin spiritual observations into the nature of his being.

The Two Spirits And The Body Of Man

1 There are spirits born in the material universe, they ordered the chaos of matter according to their will. 

2 There are spirits born in the spiritual universe, from the highest dimension of heaven they dwell, perfect without the corruption of matter. 

3 The bodies of all men are born in the material universe and the senses of these bodies limit them as prisons of weakness. 

4 Almost all men have a soul born in this material universe, matter-born bodies and matter-born souls – weak, blind and ignorant of the face of spirits. 

5 Some men, however, have a soul that is born from the spiritual universe; they are the strangers, the hidden kings, the travellers from beyond. 

6 There is a reason that spiritually born souls come into the material universe – each to their own purpose. 

7 Once that purpose is remembered and fulfilled, the spirit-born may return to whence they came. 

8 Happy are those who return to the fullness of spirit which is  the highest heaven; thus, the spirit-born return to their spirit home.

The Order Of Importance

1 The intent behind the words are more important than the configuration of the words themselves – quiet contemplation is greater than loud flattery. 

2 The true nature behind the image is more important than the illusion of the image itself – never rely upon your senses or your physical reason, instead cultivate spiritual discerning. 

3 A personal revealed truth is more important than a popular lie – know that you are trapped in a physical prison and that other beings which seem to be trapped in the same fashion may or may not exist; and in this state of doubt, their opinion is meaningless. 

4 A remembered spiritual origin is more important than the physical body – those who value their body will be imprisoned in mortal flesh, but those who are chosen and willingly embrace change will enter the fullness of spirit. 

5 A true and spiritual self is more important than the false and deluded self created by illusions of society – do not form yourself to fit into an idea that was created outside of yourself, rather meditate and let that be the totality of yourself until such a time that the spirit of your true nature reveals itself to you.

6 What the spirit teaches you is more important than what the flesh teaches you – matter-born souls of men cannot teach you anything of the pure spirituality from the fullness of spirit; call no man your teacher. 

7 The symbolism of spiritual omens are more important than the supposed reality of physical events – be ready at all times to listen and hear with spiritual hearing and understanding; for spiritual messages are embedded in the day to day thoughts and events which transpire around you; totally invisible to materially minded men. 

8 The meditative dream-state is more important than either the waking or sleeping state – the will of spirit is manifested to the righteous man when he has transcended the limitations of the body by following the river of thought, tracking the spiritual signal, and obeying the spiritual mandates made evident to him.

The Strength Of The Signal

1 Just as the ego is the current life story of this waking existence, the spiritual self is the eternal story of the combined block of atomic souls, but even this is nothing when compared to the grandeur that is the fullness of spirit, the spirit realm above, whose beacon radiates a message to those who have spiritual hearing. 

2 By using the dream-time connection, a man who steps unto the path of the spiritual seeker can break down the laws of space-time and hear the strength of the signal that is within him. 

3 From a position of true spiritual power, that man can become more than human and transcend the net of desires that entrap most humanity to their cage of ego and materialism. 

4 The seeker can become a force of renegade power that is independent of human affairs, and this contrast to the rest of the material universe, puts him right to the spiritual dimensions. 

5 This universe and all the beings in it cannot hold the seeker back once the purity of his soul has reached its full potential and has attuned itself to the signal. 

6 While the strength of the signal is the catalyst for the seeker, the majority of humanity who were created in this material universe will never be able to make use of it, not hearing they cannot decode, and not decoding they cannot comprehend. 

7 The man who comprehends, will reach enlightenment and will know the truth of his origin in the fullness of spirit and attain the power of spiritual observation. 

8 The seeker who has found will say, “I am here, but one day I will leave and nothing in this universe will have made a difference to the fullness of power that resides above in the realms of the spirit to where I am going.”

The Word And The Image

1 Words, whether written or spoken, are the vessel by which mankind transfers ideas and thoughts, but spiritual ideas cannot be contained in words to express their full meaning. 

2 Words are entirely dependent on the human condition and none of them can communicate an idea outside of human experience, again, this means that all words are an approximation of true nature fashioned from the poor materials which constitute the human mind's experience in the world of matter. 

3 A spiritual man, however, may still be able to identify the perfect meaning behind the imperfect medium of words if he already knows the content from a previous and personal spiritual discovery. 

4 Spiritually inspired words describing spiritual truths can be arrived at through differing methods, because of this - words are like the skin of a fruit, they must be peeled to reveal the sustenance of truth that they attempt to convey. 

5 This means spiritual words are only of value from one spiritually enlightened man to another, spiritual words cannot be used to teach an unspiritual man something which he has not already received outside of words – no man can know a spiritual thing which he does not already know, this is the meaning of the true election of spiritual origin. 

6 An image is the human mind's interpretation of patterns of light reflecting from an object and are similiar to words in the sense that both images and words are not the actual object, but are shadows of the objects they intend to represent – those who worship words without knowing the true spiritual nature behind the words are no better than those who worship images over true nature. 

7 Religious men regard words and images as the sum total of their idea of righteousness and are thus deceived, whereas the spiritual man regards words and images as poor placeholders for the true existence of spirit. 

8 There are many men who believe in God through faith, which is believing without experiencing, but better is the man who has experienced God in spirit – and experiencing, has graduated from faith to spirituality and is no longer dependent upon the weakness of words or the deceptiveness of images.

Of Light And Darkness

1 God is a living ocean of energy. 

2 Light radiates forth from his presence, but he is not the light. 

3 Rather, the light is a consequence of his being. 

4 There is an image that is transmitted by that light, but he is not that image. 

5 Rather, the image is a consequence of the interaction between the human mind and the light. 

6 The human mind is governed by two thoughts – the material which requires the light, and the spiritual which requires darkness to experience the truth which is hidden behind the images created by the light. 

7 Religion, which is the substitute of spirituality for the materialistic, is concerned about the ideas of God which are filtered through the words of wise men who have experienced the divine. 

8 The spiritual man knows that the truth of God exists independently of the light and the illusions created by the human mind.

Wisdom, Will, and The Fullness Of Spirit

1 Wisdom is a frame of mind; the groundwork for possibility. 

2 Possibility begins with an idea, just as actions begin with a thought. 

3 An action's success is determined by outside factors; but thoughts are completed without the need for action – an action requires thought, but thought does not require action. 

4 Will is a temporary state of processing; a transmission of truthful idea. 

5 Transmissions, like all actions are subject to failure in the material world. 

6 But, ideas for idea's sake, are greater than words because there is no need for possibility or transmission. 

7 The fullness of spirit is the ascendance of spiritual evolution; the completion of spiritual thought into spiritual reality. 

8 Thus, spirit is superior to matter – matter requires spirit to be ordered, but spirit exists without need of matter.

The Symbolism Of Water

1 The spiritual man is the embodiment of the symbolic seed; his body is corruption in the process of becoming incorruptible through the chemistry of spiritual energy. 

2 Just as the seed is life coming forth from a dead husk, the enlightened ones are immortal spirits ready to spring forth once again from their mortal prisons. 

3 Just as water nourishes the seed and is the reagent of its transformation, the participation of the spirit is the reagent to one's transfiguration. 

4 Thus, water is likened to spirit; and is the reason for baptism in water. 

5 Baptism, is a symbolic burial wherein the ego, which is the earthly corruption of self, is put to death. 

6 Remember, however, that this is symbolic, and that the actual immersing of oneself in water carries no inherent spiritual benefit. 

7 Do not be deluded, by those who busy themseles with ritual and are ignorant of its significance. 

8 What is of importance, is the baptism of spirit, wherein the spirit-born man is guided by a heavenly appointed spirit and meditates - discovering itself; nurturing its spirit qualities and transforming itself to conform to the demands that a perpetual existence in the Heavenly realm requires.

Of Matter And Spirit

1 Materialism, succintly defined, is a frame of mind which is wholy concerned about the things which exist in this material universe. 

2 Because everything which a man sees with his senses are made from matter, all humanity is subject to materialism, through no fault of their own, knowing nothing beyond their experience in the world of matter. 

3 Even physical desire, love of family and humanity, ambition whether personal or noble, virtue and honor, ideas of good and evil, politics, religion, good will, and such like these, are also considered materialism because they are still only relevant in the world of matter and are created and changed by the mores and fashions of human society. 

4 Spirituality, however, has no physical qualities and cannot be captured by an image nor by words, cannot be detected nor comprehended by the thought of man, residing completely outside the realm of human experience and thus can only be a quality which is inherent in a being whose origin is from spirituality itself. 

5 Spirituality, succintly defined, is both a remembrance of one who originates from the universe of spirit and is also a desire to return to one's true place of origin - an existence in the spiritual dimension which once preceded entrapment in this material form. 

6 When a man is alone with his thoughts, he faces the truth of himself and can determine for himself whether he is materialistic or spiritual, born of matter or of spirit. 

7 The desires of matter reveal themselves in the face of humanity born in this universe: pettiness – the ignorant concern over trivial matters, shallowness – being impressed or impressing others by vanity, pride – the love of the physical self, honor – the demand for respect from self or others, hopelessness – the realization that matter is flawed, and greed – which is brought on by ignorance or hopelessness. 

8 The concerns of the man who seeks a return to the fullness of spirit are also evident to himself: spiritual insight, original foresight, peaceful curiosity of the intangible, and a steady devotion towards the exploration of the spiritual through dreaming prayers and a corresponding show of support from the fullness of spirit by the sending of a spiritual ambassador to guide the seeker back to the source of spirit.

The Spiritual Imprint At The Center Of Matter

1 In this material universe, all matter is drawn towards the center of itself; and the well of gravity of smaller objects are drawn towards the well of gravity of larger objects – at the center of each gravity well is the anchor of spiritual will. 

2 Even if matter were to be removed to displace the planets and stars, the imprint of gravity would remain there unfilled by matter; but if dust is brought again to these empty places, there again will dust be grinded towards their centers and in time; stars and planets will form – each in their respective places. 

3 Again, this means that there is an invisible counterpart to all objects in the universe – an invisible sun, invisible earth, invisible objects that exist upon the face of the planet, and that all these objects are drawing matter unto themselves, thus are the visible things made to resemble the invisible things. 

4 The matter that is drawn towards the spiritual blueprint of the earth is a weak imitation of the invisible earth that exists outside of matter, for the outer mass of matter is merely an illusion formed in the wake of true nature – which is the emptiness of spiritual will. 

5 The outer shell of matter that fills the density of spirit are constantly changing according to its weakness to fill the void and also from matter bending to follow the movement of spirit; thus is time born in the world of matter, the further one is from the center of a gravity well, the slower time passes – time exists to mold matter to fit the gravity well and without the will of spirit to mold matter, time becomes unneccessary. 

6 But if the well of spirit were to be removed in a particular space, the matter that surrounds it will cease to become ordered – thus is chaos free towards chaos. 

7 If the mass surrounding an object conflicts with the spiritual design, it is cast off from its orbit and is replaced in time; otherwise more matter is added to it to fulfill its purpose; for ideal mass is determined by the well of gravity – the invisible sun, for example, determines the number, the orbit and the distance of each invisible planet and matter does its best to fill them. 

8 This also explains the soul and the body of man – the physical body is the weak matter that attempts to fill the gravity well of a soul, thus a man can focus on the matter that follows, or the spirit that leads.

The Destiny Of Matter

1 Time and movement is slowly disappearing from the universe of matter, this is the consequence of spiritual will decreasing in the universe; as the amount of spirit decreases, likewise, the amount of soul increases to replace it. 

2 While there are pure spirits who once entered the physical plane from the fullness of spirit and were born into the bodies of men, there are less now than once was – again more spirit is leaving the material universe than is entering it. 

3 When the imprint of spirit departs from a holy man, the body decays into its primal material elements and its spirit waits to be reborn into another body if it has works left upon the earth, otherwise that one may rejoin the fullness of spirit, and in leaving, the will of spirit is lessened in the universe. 

4 There are matter-born spirits, who created the imprints for matter to form, even they are leaving this material plane and now reside completely in the superior existence that is the fullness of spirit – there are less now than once was. 

5 When the imprint of spirit departs from a matter-born soul, there is no freedom, only a temporary sleep and subsequent rebirth into another physical body – this perpetuity of incompleteness is the doom of matter bound souls until such a time that the fabric of spirit unravels in this universe. 

6 Without the anchor of spirit, a thing ceases to exist; without spirit, matter no longer has a shape to fill, loses cohesion and disintegrates into dust and darkness: this is the destiny of matter. 

7 In time, the stars, planets, and all material objects will regress to chaos as their spiritual imprints cease to exist; and all that will remain will be the souls of matter-born men without form; existing in the frozen desolate blackness; conscious but unable to move, nor react with matter, nor communicate with one another – this is a desperate fate. 

8 When all spirit has left the universe, the destiny of matter will be frozen chaos - the destiny of men with matter-born souls is eternal madness.

The Cycle Of Religion

1 Spirituality is a quality that transcends the notions of good and evil, for those terms are defined by culture, religion, and society; in essence, spiritualism is a state of being aware and in touch with the spiritual world that exists outside of mankind's fickle ideas of right and wrong. 

2 Religion sooths the conscience of material men by giving them guidelines on how to interact with good or noble intentions towards other human beings by charity, justice, and love – but again, none of these relate to spirituality. 

3 The ego is what drives human beings to appear good or virtuous to others; as noble heroes, patriotic citizens, responsible humanitarians, humble saints or any other image they wish to portray; and while it may seem profitable in the world of matter to appear like of these, they are still only masks that hide the emptiness of their being – souls without a spirit from above, lives without purpose. 

4 In the world of matter, nothing can be changed outside of one's self; all that changes is the perception of the illusion – simply stated, good and evil are merely perceived notions of benefit or harm in relation to the illusions of the material self. 

5 But the spiritual man knows that the only true change is within himself – rememberance, enlightenment, and spirituality; achieved by leaving behind the insufficient definitions of good that the world of mankind has defined for itself. 

6 Not content to define good and evil for itself, religion has attributed the supposed evil that exists in the world to spirits; by dividing the spirits into good and evil – material reasoning seeks to quantify that which it cannot. 

7 In truth, the folklores of fear, the upholding of superstition, and the twisted definitions of religion have done more harm than benefit to humanity both in the material and spiritual sense by suppressing reason, fortifying the blindness of faith, and slowing the advancement of thought – still, it is understandable that spiritual men begin their unenlightened path in religion; but once illuminated, they inevitably walk a new path of their own making. 

8 This new way, unfortunately, has the potential to become a new religion to future generations of spiritually ignorant men.

The Purpose Of Spiritually Inspired Words

1 A man not controlled by his ego may seem uncaring for the rest of humanity, but what he is actually unconcerned about are the trivial matters that material men invest their whole lives upon. 

2 Spiritually minded men do not concern themselves with the idea of saving others; they do not feel the need to change other people, it is by the will of Heaven that certain men are enlightened and the vast majority of others are not – again, simply because spirituality in a man is determined by the origin of his spirit, or lack thereof; matter-born men with matter-born souls will never be enlightened or become spiritual. 

3 It is the mission of the spiritual man to overcome the world of deceit, the false world, the fabricated world of matter; and thus, overcoming, to live in the spiritual world that flesh and blood cannot enter – thus, it is the self that is saved, but not by the self alone, but by the spirit. 

4 The most a spiritually enlightened man can do, is to support the others of his kind who are still imprisoned in the cycle of birth and death in this universe. 

5 This is done by speech or writing – the word; for no other medium can be used in this universe to gain the attention of those who from the fullness of spirit were born to the world of matter. 

6 The spiritual man casts out a net of words, sends out a warning signal, lights a fire in the darkness, so that perhaps, one or more of his long lost brethren may remember and know that others like himself were also imprisoned here in the world before. 

7 Thus, it is worthy to observe the world of matter and to record spiritually minded words for the benefit of those spirit-born souls who are encased in the flesh of men; who still have the opportunity to escape the world of matter. 

8 It is most important to note that spiritually minded words cannot awaken, enlighten, or save the spiritual man; it is by the will of spirit that this occurs; these words are merely tokens to help give courage to those of the spiritual brotherhood who are already awakened, by letting them know that they are not alone in the material universe – it is unfortunate, but not unexpected, that the unenlightened masses twist spiritually inspired texts to further their own material agendas.

The Mind Is A Vehicle, The Soul A Vessel

1 A man sits inside his body as a living mind, a living soul, comfortable, safe, and yet, unaware of the truth of the reality of himself; people seek to understand the things outside of themselves without first understanding that which is closest and most important – the self. 

2 If a man chooses to trust and believe only in the ego, his frame of thought configures itself to the waking state and dedicates its resources towards the material life and shuts down the subconscious life, and what little filters through from dreams are thrown aside and quickly forgotten. 

3 But the day may come, in this life, or in a future life, that the frame of thought reconfigures itself momentarily, like a sudden shimmer of vision – this is a rare moment of spiritual leakage into the material world of the ego and though the circumstances may differ from one man to another, the end result is enlightenment and transformation of thought and life. 

4 These stirrings of spiritual awakening are not the supernatural, otherworldly folktales that are spewed by the religious or the superstitious; but rather, they are usually the culmination of years of suspicion by the self; that there is something more to itself than the waking world of ego. 

5 The actual event may be a mundane activity wherein the awareness of the mind finds a perfect moment, regardless of the where and when, but it is usually as brief as it is profound. 

6 This may be the first of many spiritual glimpses or occurences until such a time as the man begins to investigate the cause of these faint transmissions of the signal - for the spiritual seeker can delve longer and farther into these perfect moments of dream-time at will, this is the state of enlightenment. 

7 Just as the sleeping dreams may be affected by the sounds around the sleeper; for example, the sound of an alarm entering a dream until the sleeper awakens to find it in waking - this is like how the material ego may likewise be affected by the spiritual signal; and just as the sleeper awakens to find the waking self, the material man may likewise awaken to the spiritual man within him. 

8 The ego dependent man must force his awareness away from the driver seat of the vehicle which is his body and turn around to find the previously unknown and little seen secret compartment behind the mind – the place where thoughts come from.

The Commentary To The River Of Thought

1 It is the movement of spirit that becomes thought, not spirit itself; it is important to note that spirit does not transform into thought, for that is not possible. 

2 Rather, it is the meeting between the waves of the movements of spirit and the mind that creates the river of thought. 

3 The mind of man, while wondrous to the man, is as nothing when compared to the spiritual structures of will behind the material universe, and even less so when compared to the spiritual completeness of the higher Heaven – the fullness of spirit. 

4 Human thoughts, intentional or not, are still a consequence of spirit. 

5 A mystically minded man, however, can be pure of being, which would liken his soul to a cup or recepticle that may hold, even if only for a little while, spiritual things. 

6 This is how spiritual qualities are infused to human beings. 

7 See how a man's soul rejoices at the sound of a spiritual downpour. 

8 How unfortunate, that the world of materialistic men cannot perceive this process.

Commentary To The Strength Of The Signal

1 The block of atomic souls is the grid wherein each soul is allotted a time and place to function in the material universe through a conciousness-driven body of matter; animal, plant, or otherwise. 

2 While one soul is empowered, other souls in proximity are enlisted to provide support to the main soul until its time is reached. 

3 Concurrently, while your soul controls your body, it does not do so alone, for countless other souls are in control of each limb, organ, and ultimately each individual cell. 

4 Dream-time requires great effort but its reward is also great and comes with the force of spirit. 

5 When a sound finds a corresponding frequency within an object, it achieves resonance; that is, sound amplifies itself when it is in its proper signal and placement. 

6 In the same way, when a mystically minded man hears the spiritual signal, he creates spiritual resonance; that is, spirit strengthens itself when both frame of thought and state of mind are in their proper placement. 

7 By allowing the signal to flow from the spirit to the mind, spiritual resonance casts a beacon back to the fullness of spirit that beings there can detect. 

8 This link between the universe of matter and the universe of spirit allows contact between those above and those below, but most importantly it allows the seeker the opportunity to discover and experience the answers to the basic questions of existence – "Who am I, where am I, and why am I here?"

The Beginning Of Complete Self Awareness

1 The best place to begin an examination of the true nature of one's self is by defining, feeling, and understanding the dual nature of the awareness - the ego and the subconscious; the waking and dreaming self. 

2 Because people only equate their ego-dominated waking mind with their true self, they are only living half the potential mind-power available to them. 

3 It is unfortunate that most people ignore, or dismiss as superfluous, the existence of their subconscious mind. 

4 To make peace between the ego and the subconscious, is the beginning of the process of reconcilliation – without which, spiritual dream-time insights cannot begin. 

5 Supposed spirituality that is born completely from the ego becomes the narrow minded religion that is prevalent in the world; for the materialistic ego is only one way of thinking. 

6 The symbolic language of the wiser subconscious mind completes human thought into something more; this is because the more senses one has at his disposal, the better will be his grasp of understanding. 

7 The efforts of ego can bring knowledge to the material world, but the efforts of the subconscious can bring the gifts of wisdom to the disciplined. 

8 It is important to note, however, that the ego and subconscious, no matter how reconcilled, are still not enough to approximate the grandeur of spirit; they are only tools to reach the dreaming state of awareness, where a seeker may glimpse the spirit world above – only spirituality approximates spirituality.

The Subconcious, The Ego, And The Dreaming Prayers

1 The prayers of man which are fashioned from the ego alone fall upon its own deaf soul. 

2 The prayers of man which are fashioned from the subconscious alone are mad visions from the abyss of deep sleep. 

3 The spiritual dream-state, however, is achieved when a man is neither awake nor asleep – not controlled by a dominating ego, but filtered through a passive subconscious, and guided by a profound spirit. 

4 Thus, the dreaming prayers of the enlightened man stem from a state of being that transcends the two halves of the human mind. 

5 It is important to note that the subconscious mind should not be equated with spirituality, yet it is important to learn how to make use of the subconscious; in order to analyze, master, and complete the praxis of thought to true prayer. 

6 While the subconscious mind is still dependent upon the material memories, it can process them in ways the ego may not imagine. 

7 It is right before and after real sleep, that the best times for dream-state prayers occur; this is because the ego is weak and dull, and both the ego and the subconscious have a chance of working together to nullify the material mind and enter the spiritual mind. 

8 While the ego plays no role in the dream-state, the subconscious maintains its presence and its symbolic language is the medium which is used throughout the experience; not until the spiritually minded man is released from his body of matter will he experience true spiritual existence free of the ego, the subconscious, and the memory of material life that colors and limits true spiritual thought.

Commentary To The Spiritual Imprint At
The Center Of Matter

1 The river is the deep lowlands carved into the earth where the water flows towards and fills. 

2 In seasons of drought, the water disappears, as does the river, but the lowlands remain. 

3 So, when rain falls again, the water rushes out and flows and fills them; and the river appears in the place it is meant to be. 

4 This is like how matter fills the blueprint of spirit. 

5 Even if the universe of matter is wiped away, it may be refilled again – as long as the blueprint remains, so does the thing it relates to; as long as the spirit remains, so does the matter it relates to. 

6 There are lifeforms that live in the blueprint; they are the spirits born in this universe. 

7 The universe of matter and the universe of spirit overlap one another; co-existing in the same space, mostly unaware of one another. 

8 But above and beyond them, and not overlapping with either, is the pure spiritual universe, which some of the enlightened ancients had named the Heaven of Heavens or the fullness of spirit.

Safeguarding The Spiritual Word

1 The symbols of dreams are like any language, they must be practiced to be used effectively and concisely. 

2 Heavenly wisdom that is presented to a man in the dream-state is a treasure, most directly to that man, and cannot be measured – do not trade, disrespect, or belittle this for anything made of matter or anything pertaining to the world of matter. 

3 Without a foundation of pure spiritual motive, words concerning the dream-state become an echo of hollowness, a shadow of desire that cannot be quenched, a labor without reward or contentment – so the spiritual man who seeks to write should pay attention to the motives of his heart. 

4 To avoid futility and grief then, it is advisable that, before seeking to read or write through the power of the dreaming prayer, one should purify the heart and be at peace. 

5 Ego is the corruption of a man's heart, but a devotion towards spirituality creates a purity of heart. 

6 True peace is in having a heart that is without trouble and fear; attained by being unconcerned about the world of matter and by being free of the social constructs created by the world of man. 

7 To those who reach enlightenment, have been granted an angelic guide, and have been blessed with the permission to craft spiritual words, remember to safeguard the words given to you. 

8 The act of safeguarding is not only to protect the words from those outside, but to protect them from the hidden enemy within your own self, the ego – mind your heart, for without purity of motive there is no peace.

The Nations Of Man

1 It is the ego which creates the barrier between the seeker and the spiritual kingdom. 

2 There is yet another force, hidden in the world, impeding the process of enlightenment to the potentials. 

3 This is the collective ego of the nations, the civilization of the world, an entity of power which struggles for the mind of a man; it is this power which distracts and confuses those of spiritual origin who have yet to regain their spiritual memories. 

4 The potential seeker is waylaid by the gifts of civilized society and tempted into settling for the things of this world; forgetting that this shifting universe is only a place to journey through. 

5 If the nations of man were to disappear, with all their laws and impositions of conduct and values, the spirit-born might recall their functions more speedily. 

6 For this reason, the spiritual man must realize that all the nations of the earth are at war with him; a man's ego strives against his own spirit, just as the collective ego of nations strives against the spiritual brotherhood scattered across the distances of time and space, each one alone must face the battle for enlightenment. 

7 While the resources and influence of the collective entity of ego are considerable, the seeker should not be discouraged - for the power of spirit can pierce through the stuff of matter; the problem with the world is not in the world, but in how the seeker perceives the world; with this wisdom, spirit will prove to be greater than matter and the self will prove it can overcome the world. 

8 The rays of spiritual power can dissolve the hosts of man, the thrones of their jurisdiction, the councils of their religion; for the power of the rays are in the reality of thought and not in the illusion of matter – rejoice then, spiritual seeker, when the day comes that the nations are overthrown for you, for that is the day of your enlightenment.

The Language Of Analogy

1 A man who is deaf from birth cannot truly appreciate music, yet he can sense the vibrations of it through the sense of touch; this is like how humans, who do not possess the faculties to truly grasp spirit, might come to understand a fraction of it through analogy. 

2 Because of this, there is no such thing as truly spiritual texts; only texts of spiritual analogies. 

3 Heaven is broadcasting a signal, which humanity cannot sense in the ego; yet those who discipline their minds may glimpse the message through the dreaming language of the subconscious. 

4 While the seeker is in dream-time, the observation of changing forms, the drive of discipline, and a keen memory can help decipher the language of symbols; but only wisdom can solve the riddle of analogy. 

5 No man can enter the spiritual dream-state without first discarding ego, this is like how new life cannot spring forth from a seed until the seed itself is shattered. 

6 If spirituality is like water, then wisdom is like the process of drawing water from a well; first, one must see the well, have the willingness to travel to it, have the strength to draw from it, and finally drink the water itself – namely, these are spiritual sight, desire, discipline, and ability; in that order. 

7 Everyone wishes to appear good, but no one wants to learn how to truly be good; this is like people who burn their neighbor's house down while smiling. 

8 Everyone wishes to appear like they desire to go to Heaven, but no one wants to learn what the nature of Heaven really is; this is like people who want to take a trip but are not willing to take the first step out their door – their mouths say one thing and their hearts desire the opposite.

The Primal Garden

1 If the dream-state is like the world of nature, then the dreaming prayer is like the primal garden. 

2 The dreaming prayer is pruned and cultivated towards an equilibrium of attainment, so that the outcome or fruit of the successful prayer is actual contact with spiritual agents and possibly with an aspect of God itself. 

3 The primal garden is a state of mind that encourages one-ness with the spiritual realms. 

4 This natural spiritual state attainable in the material world is not in the future, but in the present, nor is it distant, it is as close as the transformation of a mind-set; all one has to master is the art of "thought chasing". 

5 When a man enters the dream-state, he should allow contentment, peace, and emptiness to fill him; for without the cleansing of ego, a man nurtures corruption and brings judgement upon himself. 

6 The dream of a man who has brought ego with him will inevitably turn towards avarice, shame, insecurity, and the like; what a man brings into the dream-state will be amplified and become a condemnation or a blessing, and in this way he will know the substance that lurks within his inner self. 

7 The realm of the will of the spiritual Heavens is within each person; each being has the entire purpose of their existence stamped within the depths of their inner self, as determined by the spiritual will. 

8 Dream-state visions confirm the will of Heaven for each being, whether beneficial or harmful; the true dreaming prayer hints of the outcome that each man towards his own end will come to face.

Spiritual Writings And The Enlightened

1 Being enlightened is like receiving a new sense, it is something unimaginable to one in whom it is absent. 

2 After enlightenment there are many things to observe and ponder in the dreaming prayer, but in the waking world of humanity re-reading spiritual writings is a worthy endeavor. 

3 All the phrases, sayings, and stories take on new meaning to one who has been gifted with a new spiritual sense of sight. 

4 The entire body of spiritually crafted writings range from specifics to all inclusive, from beginnings to rebirths, all these with enlightenment itself at its conclusion. 

5 Enlightenment as an additional awakened state within one's self is the trigger necessary to fully understand the gist of spiritual writings; it may seem redundant to reach a destination and then be given the map after arrival, but this is like the connection between spiritual writings and enlightenment. 

6 Most spiritual writings describe how God cannot be seen face to face in the material world, but rather that God is met within one's self, God cannot be seen with human eyes but with spiritual insight; before enlightenment these words are pleasant to hear, but cannot fully be understood by someone until after enlightenment. 

7 This means that spiritually crafted words are not meant to help cause enlightenment but rather, for the enlightened man to verify for himself the truth of them after the event has occured. 

8 Each crafted writing is like a stone in the vast monument spanning the entire human experience of spiritual transformation; this monument is a beacon of hope for those who awaken to find themselves in the material world.

Lighting The Way For The Blind

1 When a person has seen God and the spiritual realms through dreaming visions, there is a change in the way that person speaks, writes, and lives that separates him from the rest of humanity. 

2 These signs are readily apparent to others who have undergone the same experience, which marks them each towards the other as brothers of an invisible fraternity; but the majority of humanity will not see this. 

3 The importance of a man in the eyes of the material majority is of no consequence to the spiritual minority.  

4 Most men will respect a public figure based on what the majority says about him; as long as the majority says a certain man is holy and should command respect, then fools rush to comply. 

5 Yet, this public figure and his followers who promote his authority, none of them have seen God nor have experienced enlightenment. 

6 Men serve another man and say its for God's work on earth, both the servers and the served use God's name to give reputation to their labors, aspirations, and beliefs; if only they would see and experience God first, then they would realize how silly their delusions really are. 

7 See then the condition of the majority of mankind: blind and walking in the night. 

8 Even if you were to hold up your lamp to light their way, they would still not see the difference; to the blind man light holds no significance.

The Lesson Of Stone

1 That which we call soil is sand that is mixed with the detritus of decaying life; soil is the product of organic life that is terraforming the non-organic world. 

2 Sand which is free of the byproduct of living matter is made of powderized rocks; it represents the primal evolution of stone. 

3 Stone is the cooled down and rigid form of lava; solid rocks are exiles from their natural state, this is why mountains are lonely places. 

4 Lava in its primal state at the center of the planet is liquefied stone and is the combination of fire and earth; lava is the life blood of the planet. 

5 Nearly all metal upon the planet is at its core; metal is the distillation of matter, that which remains after heat has purged the impurities. 

6 If liquefied stone or lava is like the blood of the planet, then metal is the bone, sand is muscle, and soil is its skin. 

7 Stone and metal are the foundation of matter upon the earth, but crystal is the foundation of the light emanating from outside the universe of matter. 

8 It is heat that creates disparity and time which orders the phases; heat and time are the consequence of invisible interlocking rings that comprise the gravity well at the center of the planet.


1 Integrity is useful in its true form and is far superior to heroism. 

2 The hero image is a mask that ego wears to appear as an honorable, under-valued savior that demands esteem from other humans. 

3 Putting away heroic notions, the spiritual seeker should instead mature and develop an uncompromising search and movement towards truth. 

4 Truthful integrity, or spiritual integrity is a razor sharp blade that cuts away the useless and shallow matters and reveals the true nature of a man, for himself alone to comprehend. 

5 Integrity in others may or may not be an illusion. 

6 Therefore integrity is vital only to one's own self. 

7 Lack of integrity leads to self deception, and self deception leads to deep hidden guilt. 

8 Fear, guilt, shame, and conceit are faults that stem from ego; without purging the self of these traits through interity, a man cannot begin spiritual awakening.

Sustaining The Minimum

1 Only in solitude can a man discover his true nature – through dream-time visions; discovering spirituality within one's self is an action that does not require money from careers, goods from businesses, approval from governments, rituals from religions, or the participation of other people; it is the most important action a human can take, it is free, yet the vast majority of humanity will never receive its benefits. 

2 The solitary life style has many advantages over those who constantly depend, crave, demand, and provide for social comforts; the more people a man socializes with, the less he will come to understand his true nature; this is why enlightened men live ascetic lives. 

3 Contact with materially minded people corrupts spiritual sensibilities, close proximity with insecure and troubled personalities leak into the solemnity required for dreaming prayers. 

4 Since the troubles of others must not become the troubles of the self, avoid the masses of humanity, for the reward of entering the social world is not worth the loss of spiritual gifts. 

5 By entering bonds and contracts with society, the self is obligated to engage in activity that has no spiritual consequence; the act of doing nothing is the reverse – emptiness leads to spirituality. 

6 The emptiness of the wilderness is the unseen symbol of those who lead a life of solitary contemplation. 

7 A spiritual man should live at the minimum required for life; do not indulge the senses, lest they become your master. 

8 Immersing yourself in the crowd of humanity must be done sparingly and even then, only to serve a defined purpose; it is in stillness that spirit is perfected, but the contamination of society leads its constituents towards the state of disharmony.

Belief Is To Image, As Knowing Is To Truth

1 God is a belief to many; this is natural, until the believers become knowers, they will only believe; but for those who know, God is an experience. 

2 A knower of God should not feel superior to those who only believe in God; rather, they should pity the believer's current state of being. 

3 Those who believe without knowing are creating an image of it in their minds, which they hold to be the truth, but belief is not strong; if only they would experience the truth first, rather than build the pre-conceived notion which is the word of other men, then they would not have substituted truth for an image. 

4 Those who do this, only harm themselves when the actual truth presents itself as an opportunity to be experienced; for out of conviction, they will defend the image which they hold to be truth, and reject the actuality, since it is different than how the public image portrays it to be. 

5 This means that the God which the believers imagine, is far different than the God which the knowers have experienced. 

6 Enlightened men have not truly seen God either, but they have seen the image which God wished to portray himself as; which also means that the enlightened man knows that the false image which the believers have faith in, and the image which God allowed himself to be viewed as are both images; the difference being, that the wise man knows that image is not truth and thus, can discern the intention behind the image. 

7 In truth, the actuality of God will only be truly knowable once the enlightened man has returned to the fullness of spirit. 

8 Sadly, the world of religious men unknowingly hold the belief of God to be greater than the truth of God; all because of the misuse of the written word – the purpose of the image is like the purpose of the word, it is merely a devise for communicating an idea.

Only Truth Is Worthy Of Labor

1 The spiritual man should not consume his life with work, instead he should contemplate – for men who work cannot reach the dream-state. 

2 Men without dreams are like gears in the machinery of the nations, when the unnatural machine of civilization breaks down, all those men who helped support the physical manifestation of collective ego will be overthrown alongside of it. 

3 Those who are diligent towards work are actually lazy of mind, integrity, and spirit for they did not first seek the truth; there is a doom that will befall the greater part of mankind because they chose to spend their lives embracing the image rather than contemplating the nature of existence; these are the ones who willingly help shoulder the wheel of civilization. 

4 Those who do not work for civilization will become poor; but the truth is that the rich and the poor alike - whoever desires material riches and the promise of civilized comfort, all of them – whether they have wealth or not, they will all know the poverty of spirit. 

5 Material men have replaced the benevolent hands of Heaven with the industry of the nations, they have perverted the primal garden of earth and corrupted it into a farm; whereas before, man was fed by the will of Heaven, they are now feeding themselves through the sustainance of greed and rampant materialism. 

6 Spiritual men, however, walk a different plane of existence - for their purpose in the world of matter is hidden to the masses; the will of Heaven finds a way to support the temporary needs of the body and thus, the rules and morals of humankind are not necessary for the survival of the spiritually wise. 

7 A wise man will pay no attention to the comforts and dooms of the material men around him; for it is a true saying that man does not live on food alone, but also that labor is a curse to dull the wits of the materially minded – beware, a career causes blindness; and woe to those who have made a career out of religion, for the blind who lead the blind shall suffer more than they should have otherwise. 

8 Contemplation leads to spirituality, and spirituality leads to truth; in the end, only truth is worthy of labor.

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